In the lexicon we explain all possible terms from A to Z that are relevant in artificial intelligence and machine learning. We forego technical depth and want to explain all terms as simply as possible.

Terms of Digitalisierung

General Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning Terms

  • Active Learning
  • Clustering (soon)
  • Decision Tree┬á(soon)
  • Deep Learning┬á(soon)
  • Feature Vector
  • N-Grams┬á(soon)
  • Neuronales Netz┬á(soon)
  • Prototyping (Machine Learning)┬á(soon)
  • Random Forest┬á(soon)
  • Recommender Systems┬á(soon)
  • Reinforcement Learning┬á(soon)
  • Sentiment Analysis┬á(soon)
  • Support Vector Machine┬á(soon)
  • Supervised Learning┬á(soon)
  • Unsupervised Learning┬á(soon)

Robotics Terms