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Are exoskeletons ready for production?

This question has been asked for several years. Exoskeletons are already playing an increasingly important role in production. They offer many advantages. Among other things, because they relieve the workers who would otherwise have to exert much more muscle strength. Exoskeletons are also important partners in other professions because they help workers to lift heavy goods. This drastically reduces injuries and long-term damage.

Exoskeletons are divided into 2 categories:

  • Passive exoskeletons: They stabilize the body and balance weights more ergonomically for workers.
  • Active exoskeletons: Active skeletons have motors and active joints that increase the strength of workers.

These exoskeletons are already in the field:

Many companies, especially startups, are currently working on exoskeletons for production, logistics and manufacturing. This small overview shows the exoskeletons that are currently the most widely used.