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Robotic Process Automation – Condensed

What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)? What repetitive tasks can it handle? Here you will find an introduction for IT and business leaders – and anyone who needs to understand the concept.

RPA is basically a term behind which software automation is hidden. Simple and monotonous tasks are done automatically by software programs. Here one often speaks of robots. This is a bit confusing as we often think of robots as physical devices. The term bots, on the other hand, is often associated with software.

RPA can therefore be imagined as a process of automating administrative tasks or batch processing. Often several RPA components are switched one after the other. An RPA program can thus use the output of another program to continue working with it.

Popular RPA applications can be found in sales, customer service, and administration. Many of these applications have previously been performed by employees. You can find 4 important learnings for getting started with RPA here.


4 Learnings for RPA

  1. Manage expectations – When dealing with what RPA software can and cannot do, you should always be transparent and open so that no false expectations arise.
  2. Involve IT early on – RPA often affects a company’s digital infrastructure. In order to get the onboarding of the new components done quickly, IT should be involved in the process as early as possible.
  3. Thinking through RPA communication – Often several RPA components are interconnected in order to exchange results and information. This communication can become a problem if it is not thought through to the end.
  4. Change Management – The human colleagues of the new RPA components have to adapt. Change management is necessary for this. Don’t forget – people first.

Software Track “Digital Entrepreneurs” auf dem Silicon Saxony Day

Der Silicon Saxony bringt auch in diesem Jahr Experten der Hochtechnologiebranchen zum 13. Silicon Saxony Day am 29.05.2018 in Dresden zusammen. Unter dem Motto “HARDWARE.SOFTWARE.CONNECTIVITY.” bietet die Veranstaltung eine ausgezeichnete Plattform für den Austausch von Ideen und Trends für zukünftige Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologien.

Speziell für die Software Branche hält das Programm in diesem Jahr einige sehr spannende Inhalte bereit. So richtet der AK Software erstmalig den Track “Digital Entrepreneurs” aus. Hochkarätige Referenten berichten über unternehmerische Herausforderungen sowie aktuelle Trends:

  • Jens Gärtner / SQL Projekt AG, Top KPIs everyone should know: Roadmap to a holistic management dashboard
  • Dirk Richter / Preh Car Connect GmbH, Talent recruiting for small & medium-sized businesses
  • Jörg Hastreiter / T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH), Experiences from leading an enterprise DevOps transformation program
  • Sven Schubert / Netcentric Deutschland GmbH, Holacracy – Working in a responsive organization
  • Torsten Hartmann / Avantgarde Labs GmbH, Artificial intelligence in action
  • Dr. Martin Rößiger  / Qoniac GmbH, Distributed teams across borders – setup, kickoff and challenges
  • Klaus Eck / d.Tales GmbH, Speak about your Company – Content Marketing Strategies for Talent Recruiting
  • Florian Braunschweig / LOVOO GmbH, How to manage change? The story of a pervasive organisational transformation

Neben weiteren Expert Sessions steht als Highlight eine Keynote von Robert Panholzer auf dem Programm. Darüber hinaus sorgen die erstmalig stattfinde Demo Jam zum Thema “Human Machine Interaction”, Speed Dating für Unternehmen und Studenten sowie die abschließende Club Night für einen spannenden Tag. Eine Teilnahme lohnt sich also in jedem Fall.

Die Early Bird Registrierung zu Sonderkonditionen ist noch bis zum 29. April möglich. Tickets können auf der Seite des Silicon Saxony gebucht werden. Wir freuen uns auf den Tag und hoffen viele Kollegen, Bekannte und Interessierte begrüßen zu dürfen.

Quelle: PM von Silicon Saxony