Under Trends & Topics, we summarize all technologies and developments that we as Machine Rockstars deal with. In industry one speaks of version 4.0. In the food industry, one speaks of clean meat and in other areas digital and technological developments are playing an increasingly important role. With Machine Rockstars we want to play a key role in implementing and realizing these issues in our society.


Our Core Topics

  • Machine Learning – Automation is becoming more and more important. Machine learning helps to achieve this automation through statistical models.
  • Digitalization – Digitalization means broadly the introduction of computerized systems in many areas of society.
  • Industry4.0 – Describes the automation of industry with the help of networking intelligent components in factories.
  • Big Data & Analytics – Big data is the systematic collection and analysis of large amounts of data. Data pipelines are used and models are designed on which later business decisions are based.
  • Robotics – In general, robots are generally acting agents that help automate economic and social processes.


Other Topics

  • Blockchain – Is a decentralized network that intelligently manages tokens and can thus democratize many areas of society.
  • Clean Meat – Meat grown in the laboratory (in vitro meat). This enables more efficient and controlled meat production without having to injure or kill animals.
  • Shared Mobility – Means sharing means of transportation. Cars and other vehicles become commodity and are shared in society.
  • New Work – One calls the new way of working. Often one speaks of agile methods and how workplaces should look in the future.
  • Human Augmentation – It is about enhancing people through implants, improving bodily functions, sensory improvement or therapy of cells.
  • Empowered Edge – Also called edge computing. With edge computing, nodes in the system are intelligently designed so that they can make autonomous decisions.
  • FinTech – Financial technology describes new technologies related to finance. This primarily means innovative apps and investment concepts.
  • PropTech – Property technology refers to technology related to real estate.
  • Exoskeletons – Are used in medicine as well as in construction for various purposes.