Everyone talks about investing, whether in stocks or P2P platforms. But very few do. Investing has never been easier. With the advent of P2P platforms and mobile brokers (with a mobile app), everyone can also invest small amounts in shares (via savings plans) or in real estate. Below we explain which options are available and where you can invest.


P2P Platforms

“The future is traded on the stock exchange” – this saying is correct. Shares in companies that work on future trends are very popular. Why not? These companies operate in markets that are still emerging or are growing rapidly. Since everything on our site revolves around trends of the future, we have found stocks from these areas for you and present them.

Future market stocks

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Digitalization (coming soon)
  • Robotics (coming soon)
  • Automation (coming soon)
  • Blockchain (coming soon)
  • Drones (coming soon)
  • Clean Meat (coming soon)
  • Machine Learning (coming soon)
  • Shared Mobility (coming soon)
  • New Work (coming soon)
  • Human Augmentation(coming soon)
  • Empowered Edge (coming soon)
  • Exoskeletons (coming soon)